My treasures for all specialities [REGULARLY UPDATED : pin this somewhere!]

Tutorial / 13 September 2022

As I progressed in my professional career and studies, I increased many of my resources for inspiration, anatomical checks, or even textures and pictures for references.
I never had to put all these sources together. But today I’m in the mood to share with you!
I’ll update this blog post through my art journey, so feel free to keep the link to this web page somewhere. I’ll upgrade the links and references below.

If you have some treasures, you can share them with us in the comments.
And if I’ll regularly use one of them, I’ll put it on this list!
Share this blog post if you enjoy it! 😀

Character design
Bodies in motion
3D Asaro Head Model Apple App
Easy 3D blocking Apple App if you don’t know how to use 3D software
Instagram account with quick tips
Open source 3D anatomy files
References for head silhouettes

Character art
Face anatomy workflow for Zbrush
Stop-staring : facila modeling and animation done right, book by Jason Osip
The art of moving points, ebook by Brian tyndall for facial topology with videos


Random animation scene capture
3000 free MoCaps from Bandai

3D artists
Some blender tutorial on instagram
To automatically convert a 3D object in voxels
Free CC0 Images
Videogame Art Library

ÄÏ tool Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation (DAINApp)

VFXartist & techart
Book for functions & equations visualisation
Real Time VFX
Tips for fast rendering volumetric & realistic clouds 
Houdine anime style render by AkiFlipot (Japanese)
Shader toy, the platform to share your shaders (ex: portfolio)
Chrome extension for color picking, export shaders, monaco editor... exist for firefox to

Concept artist
Free to use pictures
Best website for buildings references by Eric Tabuchi
Random object sorting hat generator
Art and culture must to know website

Programming & game design
lil' engine (Godot)
Playable AI by Microsoft
Game AI pro (free)
As Dall.e or imagen, but open source / Their Git

Check this before asking or crying

Women, mental health & queers
Guide for diversity & inclusion in game dev
GDC slides about leaders can prevent abuse & harassment

Softs & tools
Convert image files in pixel art
Free AI to smooth your videos/anims
Photoshop to Spine script
PixalTool by Kronbits : pixelizer tool

Streaming for artists

PNG Vtubing app, easy to use
Tablet tracker for streaming
Avatar studio on apple store (free)

For indies
List of game investors
Prototype building blog post (Riot)
Indie Game Career Guide by Willem Delventhal and Nathan Kellman

The 12 principles of UX motion
League of Legends 2016 UI art chart
Motion design without doing motion design
Free icons
Check your contrasts with this tool
All nuances from one color

Official NASA Moon Maps (higher resolution you'll ever be able to get, updated)
Realistic textures for photoshop
Marbles textures
Introduction to substance painter in french

IGDA climate change SIG

Music & Sound design
SFX bundle
Open source software for jazz improvisation


Pro tips
International freelancing polycount wiki

Student, graduated, job
Job listing website
Game Dev LFW Resources by @javierabegazo
Tips for your portfolio by Blizzard Artist
Tips for applying artists
A list to find your job in game dev
Another list of game dev jobs lists
A gamedev map
List of french gamedev workers' salaries (french)
Online course for character art (french, 8,5K€)
Online course for zbrush modeler (french, 1,3K€)
Hitmarker job list

Tutorials & blog posts
Animation/VFX pipeline blog (FR)
Pixelated render in Unity
Frame analysis of overwatch
Iridescent shader for Unreal Engine 4
Houdini Anime/stylized VFX
Create linearts from pictures
Digital painting : how to don't over render your art
Cozyblanket, upcoming retopology tool for ipad
Marketing yourself as a game artist online : do and don't
Grease pencil blender video 1
Grease pencil examples
Creature evee real time on blender

Art ressources lists from other professionals
Mathias Zamęcki

Magma studio to draw together
Memes Tumblr account about UE blueprints
Digital games museum : noclip

General use
Free Wifi map
AI Browser automation for post
Automation application : Zapier
If you need a boss but are a solo freelancer
Browser app for dictation
Some google sheets templates (free)
Learn anything


[LEAD ART] Horse games main errors

Tutorial / 15 April 2024

As a professional in-game art AND horse-riding, I see plenty of errors in riding depiction, horse anatomy, and more... You know, the things you can read in some reviews and comments, especially during alpha phases.
I'm doing some free resources to improve your riding mechanics or horse games.
Feel free to contact me if you are trying to solve any issue, I may help! → elisa[dot]peron[at]
This blog post will be updated, so feel free to keep it pinned somewhere :D

The rider's balance depiction (jumping mechanics)


[FAN FIX] I fix creature design for fun

Making Of / 12 May 2023

I don't really saw any creature design fix on the internet so here is mine.
And in fact, each time I see a little issue, my friends wish me to explain them my vision. (mostly about anatomy)
Through discord, I'm used to do a quick sketch or show them skeletons to show them what I see.
So there is some fan fix I made!
Let me know wich creature, animal or gear I can try to check.


First one, the Zouy from Harvestella, Square Enix, wich is a carnivourous monster but horse/mount shaped. It's a speed paint I made, something like 5 hours analysis and references researches included.

I like to strech legs to show how the skin or fur can move.

The Winding Slitherdrake's Gear

With a friend we saw that this dragon"s gear could glide easily if just one leather piece broke.
It's a dragon from World of warcraft.


Fanart, legal, laws, rights & NFT

Article / 13 September 2022

Some years ago, I drew Kochō Shinobu 胡(こ)蝶(ちょう)しのぶ from 鬼(き)滅(めつ)の刃(やいば)Kimetsu no Yaiba series publication on the Weekly Shōnen Jump and created by the amazing woman mangaka Koyoharu Gotôge (吾峠呼世晴 Gotôge Koyoharu). AND YOU CAN'T USE IT AS A NFT. 


The first publication of this manga was in February 2016, I drew this in February 2020 and now we are in February 2022.


This is fan art I made for myself and share with my mutuals on Twitter. Nothing much, but fan art is a huge subject in the art industry.


Because in fact, it's illegal. You can't publish any licensed content without the author's agreement and even less sell it for your benefit.

Most companies have a huge tolerance for fan art production. Because you can't stop fans to create from something they like? Sure. But it's not the main point. When you share a fan art on the internet, you make free advertising for the license, so it's very tolerated.

In fact, for professional creators like me, the visibility generated by the license can profit to us even tho. It seems like a good compromise for everyone but it's not always the case.

Pokemon Uranium was a fangame made on RPGMaker based on the famous Pokémon series.


After one and a half million downloads, the download links for Pokémon Uranium were taken down from the official website because The Pokémon Company and Game Freak wanted to "respect Nintendo's wishes", after receiving multiple DMCA Letters from lawyers.

Following the announcement, community members created a new website, and if you search well, the game build is still available.

In the summer of 2019 customs services went in the Japan Expo Paris Edition went on amateur and professional stands to commandeer a lot of licensed fan-made products and forbid these sales.

Why did the customs officers go to the young designers when there are a ton of Chinese counterfeits sold by the professionals? Companies didn't instruct the police to do it for a lack of commercial benefits. 


But these examples are a clear reminder the commercial or non-commercial use of a license you don't own is illegal. It's tolerated but illegal. Usually, licensed series can communicate their policy about fan-made products, for law purposes. 

NFT system is attempting to be a game-changer in the fan-art community. Unfortunately, like most artists, I saw a lot of issues with this system. (Someone can take any of your art to generate a token, what will happen when you will die? Author permissions... And the fact that you literally can't own a digital image etc)

Even very respected and famous artists are used to post or create fan art online. It's now a manner in the digital art world. Professionals perfectly know that they can't make a profit on fan art (or at least, they're supposed to know it but do it anyway) it's not always the case for small creators, amateurs, and individuals...

The law isn't set internationally... When is it legal to sell fanart? Or where?

And is it even legal to create fan art? Post it online?

Creating fan art is a very risky proposition, so what most artists are still doing it?

Will NFT ever protect official merchandising products?

Did I go wrong by drawing this Shinobu fan art and tweeting it?

What is your opinion on fan arts?

With this NFT trend, copyright protections companies, IA image searching systems to notify the original author can have a brilliant future


[TUTO] Beginners, train your 3D vision (struggling with isometric assets)

Tutorial / 13 September 2022
Welcome to the wonderful isometric world!
Wonderful but Hellish…I was helping an intern visualize her asset in an isometric vision. But I made so many sketches that I thought a blog post could be useful for someone else. Isometry is impossible in our world. Because there is absolutely no perspective!Where not used to drawing like this because we can’t see without perspective.Hard to draw? Well, not for any long! There is a tutorial for beginners about this!

Let me introduce you your new best friend. You will hate him. Its name is basic isometric cube.
Well you see some triangles? An hexagon but not a cube?

This is your friend with its opposite side coloured the same colour.
Still hard to visualize isn’t it?
So let’s begin with things you already know about this dude.

These red squares are opposite and parallel.
You can do a perpendicular line between the centre of these planes to find the centre of the cube on the X axis.

These blue squares are opposite and parallel.
You can do a perpendicular line between the centre of these planes to find the centre of the cube on the Y axis.

These green squares are opposite and parallel.
You can do a perpendicular line between the centre of these planes to find the centre of the cube on the Z axis

To find the exact centre lines of the cube to centre your asset, you can line all the crosses’ centers to create new planes. Here in yellow, you can see where these new planes are colliding between them.

The face concept must be put on X faces of your cube.
Take some important points of your 2D concept as marks.

Connect the same marks to the opposite and parallel plane.

Put the 2D face concept to the X centre plane (remember, our yellow one).
Now you have your final X marks.

Let’s do this, the same thing but for our Y axis with a profile 2D concept.

Continue to imagine a connection between these to planes.

Same marks on the 2 planes. A connection…

Put your 2D profile concept on your Z centre plane (yellow one at the beginning of this tutorial)

And now you can cross your X and Z marks to find their place in the isometric cube.

This is the moment when you are drawing!
It’s the hardest part because you have to train your eyes to switch between your 2 turn concept and the marks you just found.

This is your marks in an isometric 3D space! Well done!

This method could be used even in 3D modelling software.
Not only with X (face) and Y(profile) views but even with Z one! For this, you need to do the exact same thing, but with a 2D concept in the top view or bottom view.
In isometry, you will not need any bottom view most of the time.

To finish, you have to link all your marks together and create the ârt you were focusing on while choosing your marks.
For me, it was the nose of this mask.                                        

Just do this for all the parts you are struggling with. 🙂


Opening a professionnal blog

News / 13 September 2022

WTF a blog?!

I'm pretty sure that a blog is an old way to express ourselves online... But I made one. Why??!

Well, well… Here we are!

I decided to start a professional blog.

I have always offered free content on the internet and I still appreciate the approach. When I was in my 10s, the blog was the norm, the medium that everyone used to share their vision, reviews, pieces of advice, pictures… Well. Anything?!

I am now starting my professional career for real.

I am looking for a way to share my research and my techniques. And maybe sometimes about events! Creating videos and posts on social networks requires a strong consistency that I can’t apply daily… Indeed, with freelance work, my sports practice and my various activities on the internet, I can’t have a regular format.

As visual artists, we have a lot of difficulties there … Algorithms are not designed for artists. It’s very hard for us to post 3 stories, 2 posts and ten tweets every day and 1 YouTube video per week. It’s a full-time job and I prefer to create things than promote them…

As of now, I’m not a professional digital artist influencer! But I am still a professional digital artist… :p

And I want to share things with you’ll!

I thought and found that the blog format was surely the most practical for finding old posts that were years old.

I also thought that it might be interesting to share some of my tools or small tutorials with you in the future.

I also had impostor syndrome… I wondered if I was good enough to share this kind of content, and I doubted my skills and my professionalism.

What made me pass the course, is the idea of a « journal ». Indeed, I think it can be cool to follow my evolution over time and have memories of the various successful events I have witnessed.

So welcome to this blog!

I don’t know how it will turn out, but I hope you enjoy following my adventures! 🙂