[FAN FIX] I fix creature design for fun

Making Of / 12 May 2023

I don't really saw any creature design fix on the internet so here is mine.
And in fact, each time I see a little issue, my friends wish me to explain them my vision. (mostly about anatomy)
Through discord, I'm used to do a quick sketch or show them skeletons to show them what I see.
So there is some fan fix I made!
Let me know wich creature, animal or gear I can try to check.


First one, the Zouy from Harvestella, Square Enix, wich is a carnivourous monster but horse/mount shaped. It's a speed paint I made, something like 5 hours analysis and references researches included.

I like to strech legs to show how the skin or fur can move.

The Winding Slitherdrake's Gear

With a friend we saw that this dragon"s gear could glide easily if just one leather piece broke.
It's a dragon from World of warcraft.