My treasures for all specialities [REGULARLY UPDATED : pin this somewhere!]

Tutorial / 13 September 2022

As I am progressing in my professional career and studies, I increased in a number of my resources for inspiration, anatomical checks, or even textures and pictures for references.
I never had to put all these sources together. But today I’m in the mood to share with you!
I’ll update this blog post through my art journey, so feel free to keep the link to this web page somewhere. I’ll upgrade the links and references below.

If you have your own treasures, you can share them with us in the comments.
And if I’ll regularly use one of them, I’ll put it on this list!
Share this blog post if you enjoy it! 😀

Character design
Bodies in motion
3D Asaro Head Model Apple App
Easy 3D blocking Apple App if you don’t know how to use 3D software
Instagram account with quick tips
Open source 3D anatomy files

Character art
Face anatomy workflow for Zbrush


Random animation scene capture
3000 free MoCaps from Bandai

3D artists
Some blender tutorial on instagram
To automatically convert a 3D object in voxels

Real Time VFX
Tips for fast rendering volumetric & realistic clouds 

Concept artist
Free to use pictures
Best website for buildings references by Eric Tabuchi
Random object sorting hat generator
Art and culture must to know website

Programming & game design
lil' engine (Godot)
Playable AI by Microsoft
Game AI pro (free)
As Dall.e or imagen, but open source / Their Git

Check this before asking or crying

Women, mental health & queers
Guide for diversity & inclusion in game dev
GDC slides about leaders can prevent abuse & harassment

Softs & tools
Convert image files in pixel art
Free AI to smooth your videos/anims
Photoshop to Spine script

Streaming for artists

PNG Vtubing app, easy to use
Tablet tracker for streaming
Avatar studio on apple store (free)

For indies
List of game investors
Prototype building blog post (Riot)

The 12 principles of UX motion
League of Legends 2016 UI art chart
Motion design without doing motion design
Free icons
Check your contrasts with this tool
All nuances from one color

Official NASA Moon Maps (higher resolution you'll ever be able to get)
Realistic textures for photoshop

IGDA climate change SIG

Music & Sound design
SFX bundle
Open source software for jazz improvisation


Pro tips
International freelancing polycount wiki

Student, graduated, job
Tips for your portfolio by Blizzard Artist
Tips for applying artists
A list to find your job in game dev
Another list of game dev jobs lists
A gamedev map
List of french gamedev workers' salaries (in french)

Tutorials & blog posts
Pixelated render in Unity
Frame analysis of overwatch
Iridescent shader for Unreal Engine 4
Houdini Anime/stylized VFX
Create linearts from pictures
Digital painting : how to don't over render your art
Cozyblanket, upcoming retopology tool for ipad

Art ressources lists from other professionals
Mathias Zamęcki

Magma studio to draw together
Memes Tumblr account about UE blueprints
Digital games museum : noclip

General use
Free Wifi map
AI Browser automation for post
Automation application : Zapier
If you need a boss but are a solo freelancer
Browser app for dictation
Some google sheets templates (free)
Learn anything