Opening a professionnal blog

News / 13 September 2022

WTF a blog?!

I'm pretty sure that a blog is an old way to express ourselves online... But I made one. Why??!

Well, well… Here we are!

I decided to start a professional blog.

I have always offered free content on the internet and I still appreciate the approach. When I was in my 10s, the blog was the norm, the medium that everyone used to share their vision, reviews, pieces of advice, pictures… Well. Anything?!

I am now starting my professional career for real.

I am looking for a way to share my research and my techniques. And maybe sometimes about events! Creating videos and posts on social networks requires a strong consistency that I can’t apply daily… Indeed, with freelance work, my sports practice and my various activities on the internet, I can’t have a regular format.

As visual artists, we have a lot of difficulties there … Algorithms are not designed for artists. It’s very hard for us to post 3 stories, 2 posts and ten tweets every day and 1 YouTube video per week. It’s a full-time job and I prefer to create things than promote them…

As of now, I’m not a professional digital artist influencer! But I am still a professional digital artist… :p

And I want to share things with you’ll!

I thought and found that the blog format was surely the most practical for finding old posts that were years old.

I also thought that it might be interesting to share some of my tools or small tutorials with you in the future.

I also had impostor syndrome… I wondered if I was good enough to share this kind of content, and I doubted my skills and my professionalism.

What made me pass the course, is the idea of a « journal ». Indeed, I think it can be cool to follow my evolution over time and have memories of the various successful events I have witnessed.

So welcome to this blog!

I don’t know how it will turn out, but I hope you enjoy following my adventures! 🙂