About me

"Art exists because life is not enough."
Ferreira Gullar 

I wish to bring to the game industry fresh ways of thinking, and exclusive morals from new journeys.
I also want to propose to players escapes from reality and deep feelings during their experience of gaming.

I already worked on 3 indie games studios: IKIGAI Games for Citizens, Atomic Raccoon Studio and Arkazur Studio.
I studied for 2 years at e-artsup Lyon in their « Grande École » program and 3 years at ISART digital Paris, in the game art bachelor and master’s degrees with a 2D art specialization mentioned.
I am used to remote working but I also enjoy sharing tea with colleagues!

Aside from investing my body and soul into every project, I am working on, I am passionate about various fields like technology, aesthetics, social topics, animals, general culture (and a lot more).

I started freelancing in 2019 and worked for various types of clients, from individuals to huge corporations.
I enjoy embracing my responsibilities and bringing tangible solutions to any issue. It's allowed me to understand the complexity of any project: I have to try a lot of different specialities like tech ones or management for example.

My main motivation is to improve my sight and concern for details and professional skills, to share them with my co-workers, student, or anyone who want to experiment with personal fulfilment through art, technology, and games.
Learn, experiment, and share with the world.