Who am I?

My name is Élisa Péron. I am a french digital artist. I am currently studying digital media and game art at ISART digital Paris, and I was studying graphic design, motion design, interactive design and game design at e-artsup Lyon. In 2015, I obtained and horse riding diploma, the CQP ASA. I try to make illustration to improve my skills and offer commissions on internet. I fancy become a game artist for the future...

I love animals in general and enjoy have pets! I am also a gamer, and a n00b who is trying her best...


All artworks I have made are signed by "Zaziss". This fictionnal identity was created in 2010 to companion my artistic trip. To make her create, you must give her an internet connexion, her hoodie, and a pancake or a waffle and that's it!

Let's get in touch!


You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Artstation, Deviantart or you can mail me thanks to my adress : elisa.peron [at] zaziss [dot] com