/!\ Spoilers of season 4 /!\
Eri (壊 理 Eri) is the granddaughter of the patron of the Eight Precepts of Death. She is also the primary source of Kai Chisaki’s operation to craft a Destructive Drug made from her power and her body.
Eri tried to escape and resist several times, but to no avail, and ended up accepting her plight as a prisoner.
During the fight with Kai, Deku refuses to return Eri to him. He extended his hand to her, and puts her on his back, and wraps her with his comrade Mirio’s red cloak around him to bind them.

I decided to do a character design concept where Eri would accept her condition as a drug dealer. In my alternative concept, she was the one who would have defeated Kai and refused Deku’s outstretched hand. She defeated Mirio and wear his red cape as a trophy. Finally, she would extend her hand to her longtime enemy: Deku…
So she would have become the most dangerous supervillain on the planet.
I had so much fun while doing this personal project first concept. I tried to have a clean anime style, it was an original exercise for me. Still a lot to learn, but the concept
I hope you like this!
About 5 hours of painting with poses research and sketching included.

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