Who Am I?


about me

Zaziss is the pseudonym I use online since 2013.
In real life, my name is Élisa Péron and I am a french digital artist specialized in games.

As worker or freelancer, I'm looking for new opportunities and ready for new adventures.

"Art exists because life is not enough."

Ferreira Gullar

Skills & Perspectives

I wish bringing to the game industry fresh ways of thinking, exclusive morals from new journeys.
I also want to propose to players escapes from reality and deep feelings during their experience on gaming.

I already worked on 2 indies games studios : Atomic Raccoon Studio and Arkazur Studio.
I studied 2 years at e-artsup Lyon in their « Grande École » program  and 3 years at ISART digital Paris, in the game art bachelor and master’s degrees with a 2D art specialization mention.
I am used to remote working but I also enjoy sharing tea with colleagues!

Aside from investing my body and soul into in every projects I am working on, I am passionate about various of fields like technology, aethetics, social topics, animals, general culture (and a lot more).




99Genuine concern for visual quality



I work on "Race Die Run" published on the Nintendo Store for the switch console.
It is also known as "Stay Safe" availaible on steam.



I'm one of those ctrl+z addicts.



We won the Grand Prix of Jury distinction during the Global Game Jam of 2017.
It was for a VR rythm game prototype done in 48 hours.

• 24 years old (1996)
• she/her or they/them
• Cutesy voiced growler
• Bullet Journal writer
• Horse owner & rider
• Loves die & retry and casual games
• I have a INFPT personnality
• I want to travel & adopt a dog
• Fitness & weight lifting > cardio

• I’m tall
• I don’t have a good sight at all
• But I have a good smell!
• Anime stan
• Want to improve my 3D skills
• Horse blogger & nano influencer
• Proud Cintiq 24″ owner (Finally…!)
• Android & Windows user

Downloading without asking is stealing. By copying or saving my images, you discourage me to post online for free. Please respect my work, my art, respect my job.