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Visual appeal

Bring life and meaning on images is the bascis of any game project.
But optimization, audacious ideas and specific team working can make the difference
You can see below the most requested services of me.

Character or creature design

Create characters and creature with a meaningful design and a lore impact is my speciality.
My knowledges in the 3D workflow allows me to create turn-arounds and details wich make sense for the rest of the pipeline.

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Concept art

Key art, environment, precise scene....
Together we can focus on the visual development of your project to establish your universe.

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Commissions & illustration

You want a drawing for your grandma?
Twitch icons?
Avatar or header for your social media?
An embodiment of your original character?
Let's create this!

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Asset creation

I can realise 2D or 3D assets omptimized for real time PBR rendering... Or not!
I'm used to integration on Unreal & unity engines.

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Game art consulting

Your company have an ambitious visual goal ?
I can assist the ehancement of your project, help your team to improve some aspect of their art.
Thanks my first experiences as a lead artist, I can advise on the art team management or hiring process.

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I am able to teaching, do motion design, art direction and a lot more... So maybe you don't find the service you came for.
But if you are thinking that I can helpt you, feel free to contact me!

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