My resources treasures

My references treasures

As I am progressing in my professional career and studies, I increased in number my resources for inspiration, anatomical checks, or even textures and pictures for references.
I never had to put all these sources together. But today I’m in the mood to share with you!
I’ll update this blog post through my art journey, so feel free to keep the link of this web page somewhere. I’ll upgrade the links and references below.

If you have your own treasures, you can share it with us in the comments.
And if I’ll regularly use one of them, I’ll put it in this list!
Share this blog post if you enjoy it! 😀

Here we go!
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  1. I have benefited a lot from this tutorial. Because, it is informative and great tutorial. I will surely try it. Also it will be very helpful for beginner like me.
    Thank you

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