Introduction & Bio


about me

"Art exists because life is not enough."

Ferreira Gullar

Zaziss is the pseudonym I use online since 2013.
In real life, my name is Élisa Péron and I am a french digital artist specialized in games.

Skills & Perspectives

I wish bringing to the game industry fresh ways of thinking, exclusive morals from new journeys.
I also want to propose to players escapes from reality and deep feelings during their experience on gaming.

I am currently working as a freelancer, mostly as art direction/visual development consulting, concept artist, character designer and game artist.
I am also looking for a position, in house or remotely in a studio.
I am used to remote working but I also enjoy sharing tea with colleagues!
I really enjoy both and effective in the two ways.
I already worked on 2 indies games studios : Atomic Raccoon Studio and Arkazur Studio.
I studied 2 years at e-artsup Lyon in their « Grande École » program  and 3 years at ISART digital Paris, in the game art bachelor and master’s degrees with a 2D art specialization mention.

Aside from investing my body and soul into in every projects I am working on, I am passionate about various of fields like technology, aethetics, social topics, animals, general culture (and a lot more).




99Genuine concern for visual quality



I work on "Race Die Run" published on the Nintendo Store for the switch console.
It is also known as "Stay Safe" availaible on steam.



I'm one of those ctrl+z addicts.



Thanks Women In Games France and the Game Developers Conference, I was able to assist on the GDC 2020 and 2021 online.

W.I.G. website


We won the Grand Prix of Jury distinction during the Global Game Jam of 2017.
It was for a VR rythm game prototype done in 48 hours.

• 25 years old (1996)
• any pronouns
• Cutesy voiced growler
• Bullet Journal writer
• Horse owner & rider
• Loves die & retry and RPG games
• I have a INFPT personnality
• I want to travel & adopt a dog
• I want to buy an ipad pro to draw on procreate in my bed
• Fitness & weight lifting > cardio
• I’m trying to be a horse riding trainer and athlete next to my job

• I’m tall
• I don’t have a good sight at all
• But I have a good smell!
• Anime stan
• Want to improve my 3D skills
• Horse blogger & nano influencer
• Proud Cintiq 24″ owner (Finally…!)
• Android & Windows user
• I love do researchs for references
• « Zebra »

By copying or saving my images, you discourage me to post online for free. Please respect my work, my art, respect my job. Don't dowload or copy/paste without consent.