Social medias

I’m active on most of social networks of nowadays.
I love sharing my art for free with everyone.
Please if you want further informations, make a request or order something, e-mail me or use the contact form. As it I’ll not miss your message ! ­čÖé


I use artstation as my main portfolio for gaming industry.


LinkedIn contain all my professionnal ressources. Feel free to share it if you think someone may need my skills.


I share some stories of random moments of my life, but also try to create a nice feed.
You can discorver sketchs, bloopers and works in progress!


Since 2013, Twitter is my favourite social network. I met fabulous people I love sharing thoughts, works in progress and a lot more.


You can join my community discord where we share a lot of memes, I make private stream and I create some rewards!
Feel free to join my ┬ź┬áZaziss’ garden┬á┬╗, you’re welcomed.
(Mostly in french)


I’m starting my Twitch channel!
Drawing, gaming and chatting…


You can easily send me a tip
on Ko-fi!


I have a facebook page but it is not the social media where I am the most active.


It’s a museum piece of the past where you can check some of my older artworks.
I don’t use anymore at the moment, but maybe I’ll resurect it later.


I have an account just to see references.
But you can check it out if you’re bored.


You can buy some goodies with my art on it on my redbubble boutique.
It’s the only official store you can find with my art. Please signal me if you see my art somewhere else.

By copying or saving my images, you discourage me to post online for free. Please respect my work, my art, respect my job. Don't dowload or copy/paste without consent.